UPDATED Free IMVU Credits Hack Working New One [987j]

UPDATED Free IMVU Credits Hack Working New One [987j]
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IMVU Badges:

In IMVU, you can create badges and give them to your friends. They are a great way to express your avatar and are fun to collect and share. Badges can even help in displaying your connections with friends or groups. You can also display your favourite badges on your profile on the website.

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You can even share a message or graphic through the badge by adding the content on its description. Other members can check the content of the badge by clicking on it. Badges can be shared among friends or unknown persons, who ask for them. There is no upper limit on the number of copies that can be created for your badge and shared among others.

Badges can be created in various sizes among which the most commonly used size is 1 tile wide and 1 tile high. The maximum size of a badge is 5 tiles wide and 5 tiles high. The price of your badge will highly depend on its size, but it doesn’t matter if you use IMVU hack for credits.

How To Get IMVU Badges?

If you like a badge in IMVU, then the best way to acquire it is by asking the person who has designed the badge. However, you cannot automatically know who has created a particular badge. Some creators add their details on the description of the badge. So, you can click on the badge to see if there is any information provided.

Once you get to know the creator of the badge, it is important to show courtesy and respect for the person. Ask them politely for the badge and if they are not interested in sharing, then honour their decision. Moreover, do not just keep collecting stuff! Be prepared to give something too! You will even come across some mystery badges and if you get to know its owner then do not expose them publically.

The innumerable badges that you have collected or created can either be shown or hidden in your collection. All those badges that you have arranged on your grid in the Avatar Card section under Account Settings are the ones that will be shown for others to view. You should always add the most cherished badges on the two left columns of the grid as they will be displayed next to your profile picture and on the messages that you send other members.

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UPDATED Free IMVU Credits Hack Working New One [987j]

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